Our Story

Breakthrough Management Group (BMGI) was founded in 1999 in the United States and became one of the world’s top Lean Six Sigma consulting firms, employing over 150 people across 17 international offices.

The South African subsidiary, BMGI SA was established in 2003 and quickly became one of the most successful Lean Six Sigma consulting firms in the Southern African region. Over the course of its 15 year history the BMGI SA team has helped many well-known brands to bolster bottom-line financial performance by sharpening efficiencies, improving quality and actively engaging their teams in process improvement activities.

In March 2018, BMGI SA was acquired by Lacuna Innovation, a global innovation consultancy which helps brands to sustainably innovate new products, services and business models through its proprietary approach to Front End Innovation. In the course of 2018, Lacuna Innovation leveraged its innovation expertise and the extensive process improvement expertise of BMGI SA to launch an exciting new offering aimed at helping brands to apply Design Thinking to their operational challenges.

BMGI SA continues to offer Operational Excellence consulting and training services and is launching its new Collaborative Training Platform in 2019.

Meet the Team

Salomon Erasmus

Salomon is driven by the complexity of the problem he has to solve. In fact, the more complex and the tougher the challenge, the more enthusiastic and involved he becomes. This commitment is what drove Salomon to found BMGI SA in 2003 to enable him to transfer these skills to others. You may also catch him recovering and repurposing vintage items.


Blue Hadlow

Where there’s a challenge, there’s Blue, embracing the intricacies around new technology and enjoying unpacking how it creates value in every design. A good cup of coffee is needed to master this special kind of commitment to technology, that sits behind every great solution. The more complex, the more he likes it!


Johan Oelofse

Johan is the Success Enabler! Johan is a professional solutionist seeking the perfect problem. He is one part problem solver, one part adventurist and a lot of parts HUMAN, as this is what it takes to change things!


Alex Wagner

Passionate about improving businesses, you will find Alex in the thick of things, from the top to the bottom, finding simple solutions to complex problems. Occasionally you'll find him chasing after that lesser-spotted LBJ with the latest gadget!


Pierre du Toit

Pierre can always be found in the mix where there are opportunities to connect with people and teams in diagnosing and dispensing insight with good measure to process problems. However, every August finds him on a knife edge seeking a birthday present for his wife.


Dimitri Markoulides

Should knowledge transfer be your pain, then Dimitri is his name. Design, Innovation and Operational Excellence facilitation is his game. Eliminating complexity, driving teams to new performance levels and overcoming contradictions is his claim to fame.


Ali Jasat

Excited about improvement and change, Ali is always looking for that rogue process to tame. Coaching, training and sharing knowledge are his tools to help you win the game. Off the pitch you may find him looking for a slipstream on two wheels.


Ginty Chalk

Dubbed ‘The People Ninja’, Ginty’s passion for people is visible, sprinkling touches of magic and enabling anyone to push their capabilities. When not taking on the world, she delves into how our brains work – Beware!


Ria Joubert

Suffering from poor performance or broken product? Unleash the people, rein in process. Ria inspires and involves rather than instructs. She values commitment and builds confidence. High expectations, empowerment and excellence excites her.


Mark Kingham

Mark is a tenacious professional in pursuit of operational excellence. He is driven by a passion to lead and mentor others with twenty-five years of hands-on problem-solving experience in global companies. He approaches his social responsibility activities with the same resolve.


Renee Rheeder

Renee spends her days organising calendars and programmes, bringing together instructors and learners, making sure it forms the perfect pattern – like sewing together a bright new quilt. When she’s not co-ordinating, you’ll find her next to a camp fire under the stars...


Sophy Molelekwa

Focused and eager to learn something new, Sophy is always there to support those in need of assistance big or small. Her motto is love what you do, to get better results!


Erin Jones

Erin is found with her head down working on multi-national entities as a Qualified Professional Accountant with over 6 years’ experience. Her practical, hands-on approach contribute to the effectiveness of the Group Finance team. If you look a bit closer, you will see Erin’s passion for family, the environment and sustainability.


Marian Currie

Using the K.I.S.S “keep it simple stupid” motto in life, Marian likes to take complex processes and make them as simple as possible so that all role-players can understand the big picture. This also applies to her social running career where her mantra of "slow and focussed will finish, not win, the race".

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